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I love reading, and as a writer I like to broaden my scope by reading outside of my comfort zone, so that I can learn more about my craft.

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Baron of Blood: 1 (Dawning Era Series)
C. N. Faust
All Our Foolish Schemes: The Creepers Saga Book 2
Raymond Esposito
Fright Radio
Noel Dandes
A Dark Heart (The Elders and Welders Chronicles)
Margaret Foxe
Prince of Hearts: The Elders and Welders Chronicles Bk. 1
Margaret Foxe
Young Love Murder (Young Assassins 1)
April Brookshire
Before the Full Moon Rises: 1 (Chronicles of the Secret Prince)
MJ Bell
Once Upon a Darker Time
M.J. Bell
Guardian of Souls
Lee Appleby
In the Beginning
Abby L. Vandiver

CHBB New Releases

One Way Out - R.L. Weeks Best Served Bloody - Sinead MacDughlas Haunting Lia - Shannon Eckrich For the Love of Dixie (Kings of Chaos Book 3) - Shyla Colt Naughty Bedtime Stories: First Taste - Trixie Taylor, Ethan Radcliff, Aurelia Fray, Jennifer Raygoza, Inger Iversen, Zoe Adams, Elodie Parkes, Lexi Ostrow, Rue Volley, Olivia Harper Scarlett and the Mobster - S.L. Baker Emeralds and Fire (The Tienimi Series Book 1) - Aurelia Fray Rise of Silver and Steam: Alliance of Silver and Steam Origins - Lexi Ostrow Decadent - Elaine  White Angel of Darkness - Elaine Tyler May

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One Way Out
No matter where she runs, there's only one way out!
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Pick up the first two novellas in The Ash House Trilogy,
(part of The Secret Connection Collection),
For FREE on October 31st.
Best Served Bloody - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B2XMFDE/
A Medium Rare - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OKZVD3O/
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Treat yourself to a spooky romance this Halloween.
Haunting Lia: http://smarturl.it/hauntinglia
Kissing the Devil: http://smarturl.it/kissingthedevil
#NewRelease #KU ‪#‎MC‬ ‪#‎Interracial‬ ‪#‎KingsofChaos3‬
For the Love of Dixie (Kings of Chaos Book 3)
18+ For love, they risked it all.
18+ ‪#‎99pennies‬ #kindleunlimited ‪#‎getnaughty‬
Nothing tastes as good as Naughty Feels.
Naughty Bedtime Stories First Taste
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Halloween special .99cents! From 10/29-11/2 only!
Scarlett and the Mobster
18+ Trouble means falling for a charming mobster with an overprotective personality.
‪#‎HotRomance‬ Also #Free on #KU
Emeralds and Fire by Aurelia Fray
$0.99 Only until 1st November!
Fall in love with a demon this Halloween. Start the award winning steampunk romance series while it's on sale! $3 for 3 novels!
Rise of Silver & Steam (Origins) - http://smarturl.it/Riseof
Demon in Steam (0.5) -http://smarturl.it/demoninsteam
Nightmare in Steam (1) -http://smarturl.it/NightmareinSteam
#FREE for one day only, this November the 1st.
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Angel of Darkness
18+ Darkness stole their past, but can his light save their future?
#MM #Erotic #Fantasy #Romance #KU
Michael's Awakening
18+ Who could ever love a beast?
#NewRelease #BestSellingSeries #Horror #Paranormal #Fantasy #KU
RAVEN -(The Storm Chronicles Book 5)
Some Sacrifices are Just Plain Murder.
Start at the beginning.
Stormrise: Book 1: http://smarturl.it/Stormrise
Stormrage: Book 2 http://smarturl.it/Stormrage
Stormwind: Book 3 http://smarturl.it/Stormwind
Shadowstorm: Book 4 http://smarturl.it/Shadowstorm
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The Wish
Be Careful What You Wish For.
From October 29th-31st, you can read "Stake-Out" for less than a dollar!
As always, it is also #FREE on #KindleUnlimited!
Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Book 1)
By Lily Luchesi
In a city overrun with the Undead, one ex-cop is given a chance to get revenge.
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Halloween Special Oct 30th- 31st only .99cents!
Insane: There's plenty of reason to be afraid of the dark...
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Halloween Special Oct 30th - 31st only .99cents!
Red Dagger: He's out for revenge & nothing is going to stop him.
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The Guardians 1
Beauty, brains and fangs.
Book 1- http://goo.gl/IeBHwR