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Shadow Souls (Vampire Diaries: The Return Series #2) - L. J. Smith This book is as strange and weird as book 1. I really didn’t like the unnecessary storyline of Caroline having puppies. I get that it’s a continuation from her screaming ‘I need a husband’ but it’s just weird and disturbing.

I prefer the storyline with Elena, the girls and Damon in the other world. That is at least bearable. Damon is by far the best character in these stories, but even in this series, there are parts that are so un-Damon that it’s boring. I really wish the Vampire Diaries series had finished at VD Book 4 and the Return was never started. Let Elena be dead and have it over with.

However, saying that, this story was marginally better and a lot less disturbing than the first. But for all that we're given strong hints that people are lying, people are keeping secrets and someone's had their memory tampered with at the end of the book, I am NOT inclined to waste any more time with this series by reading the next book. Normally something like this would have me hooked and going straight into the next book, but the books in this trilogy are twice the size of the first four Vampire Diaries books and nowhere near as interesting. And that's saying a lot since I didn't particularly like the first four books either.

For me, the entire Vampire Diaries series is a big FAIL! I'll be sticking to the TV show.