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The Awakening - L.J. Smith Okay, first time, last year that I tried to read this, I didn't get past page 2. It was that bad.

I gave it a second shot, this time reminding myself that it's barely anything like the TV show. The first two pages still bugged me, a lot but I pushed that aside and decided to focus.

Elena still really annoys me and she's still whiney and self-obsessed. Matt was right about that. However, the story isn't as bad as I initially thought. I'm still not a big fan, and I'd rather watch the TV show and get to see Ian Somerhalder on the screen. But at least Damon is exactly the same in both.

I have never liked Stefan, even in the show, he's just too pathetic and wimpy but this is a teen romance and it's suitably 'teeny' to be loved by pre-18s all over. I want to grab Elena and give her a shake...she's got a choice of Matt, the lovable, sweet guy who is loyal and perfect, Stefan who is pathetic, miserable, depressing and a total woose, or Damon, mysterious, seductive, gorgeously dangerous and she chooses Stefan...bordering on obsessive stalker.

I am determined to finish the entire series, no matter how much I like or dislike the series. It was the same with Secret Circle, loved the TV show a found the books were entirely different.