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The Christmas Cookie Club - Ann Pearlman I love cookies. I bake them and it's like therapy, as well. I love a good get together with your besties and friends and family. And I love Disney the dog.

I thought this story was great. Well thought out, original, realistic and very much the kind of thing you would get if you threw your own Cookie Club party with a bunch of girls. Hectic lives seep into the cookies and before you know it, you're reminiscing about days gone by and lost loves.

I think the characters here are real, emotional, and individual. Though some of them share the same experiences, you never feel like there's just one box for characters and they each have a different name. These are people you can imagine meeting, talking to, getting on well with and enjoying a good party with.

Overall a success. The reason it's not 5 stars? I had a little bit of difficulty first getting into it, first off. I didn't like the way Sissy spoke, not because it was with an accent, but before previously we hadn't been told she had an accent. It was difficult to read and a little racist to me. There is to be another book and although I'd love to read more about what happened to these women, it states that the next book is about the daughters Tara and Sky. I want to find out what happened next to these women before I move onto new ones. And, of course, I was left with unanswered questions. I hate that, unless they're going to be answered in the next book. I don't see how, since it's about completely different people.