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Elaine White is the author of multi-genre MM romance, celebrating 'love is love' and offering diversity in both genre and character within her stories.

Growing up in a small town and fighting cancer in her early teens taught her that life is short and dreams should be pursued. She lives vicariously through her independent, and often hellion characters, exploring all possibilities within the romantic universe.

The Winner of two Watty Awards – Collector's Dream (An Unpredictable Life) and Hidden Gem (Faithfully) – and an Honourable Mention in 2016's Rainbow Awards (A Royal Craving) Elaine is a self-professed geek, reading addict, and a romantic at heart.


The Reviewer


I’m an author and reader, who just can’t get away from books. I discovered the MM genre a few years ago and became addicted.

Top #50 UK reviewer on Goodreads
#1 reviewer on Divine Magazine

"Holy crap! He had a boyfriend. A real, adult, official boyfriend.
He had to call Sterling. And Kenichi. And Penny. Maybe he'd just conference call all of them and spill the beans then.
After Austin was gone. He wanted a little more time with his boyfriend; once he left, then he'd call his friends."

The Bright Side Brigade

Coming: February 1st, 2019


In a zero tolerance school, the only weapons are hope, friendship, and love.

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I've noticed an increase in spam accounts, here on BookLikes. My followers jumped a few hundred in just a few weeks last year, and I didn't have the time to go through them until recently.


So, for a new year, I'm having a fresh start. Though I began the year with 2000+ followers, I've just purged a HUGE number of accounts that haven't been active in YEARS, that have no profile image or content, and that are sales accounts that are of no interest to me.


BEWARE! If you are a spam account and you follow me, I will no longer be letting it slide. I will be immediately blocking you, and keeping a firmer eye on my followers and the comments on my page. I'm getting pretty sick of having to delete spam comments from my posts.


2019 is the year of better organisation. That means taking out the trash, when necessary.

Facts About Me: Agatha Christie Snob

When it comes to adaptations of my favourite author: Agatha Christie, I have some varied opinions.

Hercule Poirot was never better done than in Peter Ustinov's movies. He and their choice of Hastings, Jonathan Cecil, were perfection together. If you haven't seen any of them, I highly recommend Evil Under the Sun, with the amazing Maggie Smith; Tony Curtis is incredible in Murder in Three Acts; and Faye Dunaway is a total class act in Thirteen at Dinner.

I still love David Suchet, as Poirot, and all the TV episodes that he did. I never liked Albert Finney or the recent adaptations of Murder on the Orient Express, and I can't abide even the idea of them changing Poirot in the way they have for the 2018 remake of The ABC Murders, so I've never seen either of them. I just can't bring myself to do it.

For Miss Marple, I'm a little more forgiving. I absolutely loved the movie adaptations that Margaret Rutherford made, and her sassy version of Miss Marple. I only ever saw one movie with Helen Hayes as Miss Marple, A Caribbean Mystery, but she was excellent and it's one that we watch over and over again. While I do like Joan Hickson, I find her the least favourable Miss Marple compared to some of the others, and I didn't like her version of A Caribbean Mystery.

When it comes to Julia McKenzie and Geraldine McEwan playing Miss Marple, I'm happy with any of them. They're both great.

However, my biggest problem with modern adaptations of Agatha Christie novels is when the modern writers try to make the stories more “risque” and “sexy”. They've added unnecessary swearing, sex scenes, and a whole load of crap that detracts from the story. It's come to the point that I don't watch any Agatha Christie remakes anymore, no matter who is in it or how great it's touted to be, by the critics.


Facts About Me: Serial Series Reader

I've probably mentioned this before, but I'm a serial series-reader. I can't help myself. If I like book 1 in a series, then I'm generally 99% going to love every book that comes after it. Which means that I'm likely to buy the series in paperback. Which means that I'm almost 100% going to re-read the series, from start to finish, again. And again.

However, people think I'm nuts! No kidding. And it's because I can't read a book in a series without re-reading all the previous books first.

For example: book 9 in the Lavender Shores series is releasing Dec 25th, 2018. I've read and 5-starred every book in the series so far. I was lucky enough to get the book from the author, as an ARC, for review. But, I can't read it without going back and reading the previous book. Normally – and I do stress that this is almost true 99% of the time – I would go back to book 1 and re-read every single book in the series so far. I can't do that with this book, because I did that just a few months ago when book 8 released, and I don't have time to read 8 novels, before I delve into book 9. But, I will definitely re-read book 8, to recap.

Why do I do this?

Simple. Book series are a series because all the characters, the town, the theme, are linked. Whatever ties the series together, you're going to run into previous/future characters, you're going to read something that – unless the author is super clever about writing it – is going to be confusing, because it refers to past events in the series. The author of Lavender Shores IS super clever, so that's never an issue. But, I LOVE to see all the subtle, little hints of previous books and characters. For example, I loved getting to read book 7 and see one of the main characters from book 1 walking his fugly dogs and checking that the MC of book 7 was okay. That's the kind of detail that made me fall in love with the series in the first place. It wasn't a huge event. It wasn't something that would make you want to read book 1, but for those of us who have followed the series through every single book, it's those little things that make it worth the time and effort we put into the reading. And inspire me to want to be a better author.


Sweet Clematis (Being(s) in Love #9) by R. Cooper
Sweet Clematis (Being(s) in Love #9) by R. Cooper

Sweet Clematis (Being(s) in Love #9) by R. Cooper



Reviewed for Divine Magazine


Sweet Clematis
Being(s) in Love, Book 9
306 Pages

POV: 3rd person, one character POV
Would I read it again?: Yes
Genre: LGBT, MM, Romance, Paranormal/Supernatural, Fae/Fairy
Pairings: MM
Heat Level: ★★★☆☆
Content Warning: contains instances of being-phobia and hostility from humans, mental health/dissociation

I was so excited to see that there were further additions to the Being(s) in Love series, as it's been a favourite of mine since I read the first novel.


Before I talk about the book as a novel, I do want to mention why it's not a 5 star review, which it could have been. I didn't love A Dandelion for Tulip, the book that all the characters of this novel were first introduced in, but I was intrigued to read Clematis' story. However, it's been a little over a year since I last read a book in this series, and I haven't had the time or the opportunity to catch up, by re-reading books 1-8 before delving into this novel.
That proved problematic and confusing.
Sadly, I felt disconnected from the novel for the first 15%. This was mostly because the book so heavily referenced previous relationships and characters (particularly from A Dandelion for Tulip) that it was difficult to remember where everyone fitted without re-reading the previous books first. Perhaps if there had been a Prologue, showing the moment Tulip cursed Clematis – an event I wished I'd seen in this book, since it was so important to the plot, but never got – it could also have reminded me of the dynamics between Clematis, Flor, Tulip and David, which felt confusing and didn't feel well explained until about 20% in, when my memory jogged on the complicated relationships between them all.

I also have to admit that it feels impossible to come into this novel by accident, thinking it's a standalone. There are just too many references to past events, past characters, and mentions of things that the reader is expected to know about, with little attempt to explain them afresh. Even I had trouble piecing it all together and remembering all the nuances, without a re-read. Characters appear from SIX of the previous stories.
If you're going to read Sweet Clematis, then I'd recommend reading the entire series first. Or at least refreshing with A Dandelion for Tulip (book 6) and Frangipani and the Very Shiny Boy (book 5.5) before you start. Both have characters and events that are important here. Characters with influence on the plot, or who appear on page, include Arthur/Bertie from book 2 (A Boy and His Dragon); Hyacinth/Walter from book 5 (Firebird and Other Stories); mentions of Cal from book 1 (Some Kind of Magic) and mentions of events that took place in book 7 (Treasure for Treasure).


Once I was able to settle into the story, it was beautiful. Truly beautiful. And it's made me want to go back and re-read the entire series, now that I have more time on my hands. It's reminded me of the characters, the world building, and the atmosphere that I first fell in love with and want to revisit.

I loved the way that the two MC's – Flor and Clematis – were so brutally oblivious to what their friendship had been leading to all along. I was honestly confused by their boundaries myself, from the first. One minute they were like an old married couple, the next they were barely, tentatively friends. It was beautiful to watch that slow growth, the gradual change and watch them both drift towards each other, slowly putting the pieces together and realising what it meant.

The slight Dom/sub elements to Flor and Clematis' relationship were fitting for the characters. Nothing too heavy, just some demand/obey in the bedroom, and Flor's natural bossiness coming to light. It was nice to see that they discussed it, that they placed boundaries on what could be done or said, and that they accepted that part of each other without judgment.

The political aspect of Being acceptance and tolerance was a great subplot, one that has bled throughout the entire series. To see the struggle from a different aspect, to see how it affected Clematis' studies and his relationship with co-workers and students, as well as how the human students took sides between human vs being, was a great addition, and one that was well explored.

I must admit, I found the book to be really heavily emotionally charged. It could just be me, and the mood I'm in, but I definitely felt on the verge of tears for a good 80% of the novel. Maybe that was because I related to Clematis a little too much – as a person that others don't always understand, and who feels differently to what is considered 'normal' – or maybe because I held onto so much hope that he could have what he wanted, and that Flor would not fix, but certainly heal, him. It was a heavy emotional toll, but in the best way. And it didn't take much to get me out-right crying, though I definitely ugly-cried and snot-sobbed throughout the whole Clematis/Tulip conversation in the library. So, thanks for that, R. Cooper. Cathartic, a little gross, but a relief all the same.

Overall, I thought it was a perfect addition to a series that I already loved. Full of emotion, full of beautiful characters, most of them familiar, and bringing a little bit of hope and love and joy to someone who had never experienced them before and so desperately needed them. Clematis was, perhaps, my favourite character of the series. Yet, I equally loved the gentle care and hesitancy that he brought out in Flor, during those tender moments. With a super cute ending, it's definitely one I'll be reading again. And it won't be long before I take a little break, delve into book one and build myself back up to re-reading this roller-coaster ride, before the end of the year.


Favourite Quotes

“Clematis the fairy, once described by an art student as a 'wicked forest prince,' buying a waffle iron on sale is the best thing I've ever heard.”

““Dating?” he wondered again. What an innocent, beautiful, painful thing Flor had given him.”

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39034191-sweet-clematis
"He had no concept of time while he slept, only that it felt like an age before a soft puff of breath caressed his forehead. It was such a familiar thing that Jake moved into Risteph's side to get closer to that contact. He smiled in his sleep to think that it usually preceded a kiss, but when he tilted his head up and opened his eyes, it was not to receive a kiss. Instead, frightened eyes gazed back at him.

A Royal Legacy: Part 1, book 4 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White

COMING April 12th


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Source: http://smarturl.it/TheRoyalSeries

Facts About Me: Top 5 Book Tropes

  1. Holiday – whether this means Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentines, or Hanukkah, I don't care. I love them all.
  2. Paranormal – I'm a sucker for creatures of the night, be they shifters, vampires, demons. You name it, I'll read it.
  3. Assassins/Mafia – sometimes these can be the same thing, sometimes they're totally different. But I love a bad guy who is inherently bad and doesn't care what anyone says about it.
  4. Rom-Com – I am also a super fan of a really well written romantic comedy. In the real world, with real characters, with real problems. Add humour, some cheesy romance, and I'm all in.
  5. Young Adult – I know this isn't really a “trope”, it's more of a genre, but some people just do is SO well that it takes my breath away.

Teaser Tuesday: Deal With the Devil

Cacodemon Trilogy, by Elaine White

His life was rocking out until Lucifer interfered.


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Source: http://smarturl.it/Cacodemon.Trilogy
Spell Tracker (The Light Mage Series, #1) by Alex C. Vick
Spell Tracker (The Light Mage Series, #1) by Alex C. Vick

TBR for Netgalley:

Spell Tracker (The Light Mage Series, #1) by Alex C. Vick



Luca has a problem his magic can’t solve. The boy he’s loved since they fought side-by-side as gladiators in Ancient Rome is about to die for the last time. Luca's only chance to prevent it is to make a deal with the Spell Tracker, who demands Luca’s own life as collateral.


At seventeen years old, Luca is a Light Mage, the rarest of magicians. He’s able to navigate the earthbound dimension without losing his memory of its magical counterpart. Like an invisible kind-hearted ghost, he helps others to graduate their life paths and take up their chosen magical professions.


But this time, with the help of the Spell Tracker, Luca is earthbound again for real as a high school senior. The boy he’s here to save is nothing like he expected, and before long his head and his heart are all over the place, as well as his intended rescue.


The Spell Tracker can hardly wait for him to fail. The life of this particular Light Mage is something he’s wanted for a very long time…


Spell Tracker, the first book in the Light Mage series, is a contemporary fantasy story with time travel, m/m romance, and no cliffhanger.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42618688-spell-tracker
"Nearly an hour into Jaycob's walk, he felt better. He had found a small pop-up market stall in the middle of Rolfesson and bought a beautiful glass flower that the handsome stall owner's son had placed behind his ear, with a wink and a smile.
It had all been rather wonderful, wandering through the snow, joining in a few snowball fights, helping a group of six children make a snowman and then being buried in snow when they were finished. The sweet boy from the stall had only brightened an already lovely walk.
As he was passing a group of giggling children all making snow angels, a soft whistle made Jaycob look up. He smiled as he spotted Silent Boy hiding in the shadows of the building across the road."

A Royal Miracle, book 3 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White


Some children make you happy. Some children make you proud. And others can change the whole world.

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Source: http://smarturl.it/ARoyalMiracle

Facts About Me: Top 10 MM Holiday Stories


  1. North Pole City Tales, by Charlie Cochet
  2. Frostbite, by Alexandra Bellefleur (this isn't *technically* a Christmas story, but it has snow, ice, and winter, so I'm counting it.)
  3. Ranger Station Haven, by S.A. Stovall
  4. Krampus Hates Christmas, by Andi Van
  5. The Vampire's Christmas Surprise, by Caitlin Ricci
  6. Twelve Black Hearts for Christmas, by Wulf Godgluck
  7. Hearts Alight, by Elliot Cooper
  8. Of Christmas Past, by Teryn Day
  9. Matches, by Rick R. Reed
  10. One Wish, by Caitlin Ricci

Teaser Tuesday: A Royal Legacy: Part 1

A Royal Legacy: Part 1, book 4 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White

COMING April 12th


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To Be Honest (#lovehim #2) by S.M. James
To Be Honest (#lovehim #2) by S.M. James

To Be Honest (#lovehim #2) by S.M. James



Reviewed for Divine Magazine


To Be Honest
#lovehim, Book 2
S.M. James

280 Pages
POV: 1st person, present tense
Would I read it again?: Of course!
Genre: YA, LGBT, Contemporary, Romance, Humour
Pairings: MM 
Warnings: catfishing, internalised homophobia, homophobia, suicide, mental health, bullying, assault

Wow! I barely know what to say.

This series is...beautiful, charming, fun, romantic, and speaks to the hopeless romantic in me. Yet, it also manages to tackle real, everyday issues for teens, in a way that isn't preachy or condescending, or lecturing. Throughout the series, issues such as race, orientation, acceptance, bullying, and even self-awareness have been tackled without once feeling out of place.

Despite the nearly 300 pages of each novel, I binge read each one in less than a day. That's how all-consuming they are, how engaging, and captivating the stories are.

If you haven't read “No Big Deal” yet, then I suggest you do so quickly. It gives a little context, a little extra something to this novel that provides a deeper connection between Tyler and Angus, introducing us to how they met and how the catfishing concept started. And then go back and read book 1 “That Feeling When” and the short “In Real Life” because, trust me, you will not be sorry. I'm happy to say that I'm a series-reader, and I can't abide to read a series out of order, even if they are classed as standalones. So I started with “That Feeling When” and binge read all four stories in less than a week. I've only fallen more and more in love with the world that was created within this series with each story, and I can't wait until December 11th, when the next short “For the Win” is released.

For me, “To Be Honest” is one of those books that you could read again and again and never not fall completely head over heels in love with each page, as you're reading. It's also one of those books that, once you know the meaning of the title, becomes all the more special for it. The fact that it added in spotlights of Archie's life, from book 1, was an added bonus. Despite having read his story first, I loved the contrast of seeing him pre- and post-Yarran, and how Angus reacted to that.

Again, the presentation was on point. From the writing style to the visuals of chapter headings, to the added sub-chapter snippets of Angus and Scotty's chat conversations.

Right from the start, I floved Tyler. He was so weird, so awkward, so nerdy, that it was just right up my alley. His weird dirt thing, the jokes, the weird places he wanted to visit – adorkable perfection, from one science geek to another! Angus, with his easy-breezy acceptance of the subtle homophobia at school, the way he opened up with Tyler, and his staunch support of Anah's inadvisable relationship with Link, just made him as loveable as Tyler. Here were two clueless guys circling each other, with no idea what was really going on. And then Scotty...God, Scotty was something else. Those long talks, the hesitations, the nerves, the fear. My heart bled for him the entire time.

And, as a mystery buff I have to admit that I had my suspicions about the Scotty situation. Whether they really were a catfisher or not. If so, who they would be. My head went in a million different directions, a million different times, while reading, because although it was obvious, it also really wasn't obvious, and I sat on tenderhooks the entire time, trying to figure it out. It's one of those moments that, when the big reveal happens, you sit and go “Oh! Sure, I knew that!” but you questioned and second-guessed yourself every step of the way.

I love the subtle way that each new character, for the next book, is introduced. I love that we always get to see even a tiny snippet of them and their personality, before we delve into their story. It makes me excited to see more of Darien, in December, now that I've had a glimpse of him in this book.

The bonus chapter in Tyler's POV was just...perfection!

I cried. It was ridiculously beautiful. I smiled nearly from start to finish, with some tears, some shocked gasps, some edge-of-the-seat tension in between. And then it ended just so...perfectly. That's the only word for it. It ended just as it was meant to.

And I would still read another novel with these two as the MC's. Just as I would still read another novel with Archie and Yarran. Or all four in one novel. Or any combination the author wants to try. Because this is one series I'll be reading until the last story. And then I'll go back and start all over again, re-reading every sweet word.


Favourite Quotes

“Tyler is basically my straight soul mate. It's unbelievable how we just get each other.”

“So I kept my word.
To Be Honest, that was my first mistake.
Falling in love with you was my second.”

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41210316-to-be-honest
"It was all rather civil, for a change.
Henric did not believe it would last. Spencer was the catalyst for the change and, as soon as he left, life would return to normal. Prosper and Parry would stop speaking to him, Jael would continue hating him and he would never see Spencer or Jaycob again. It was a shame, as he had grown fond of those two boys, but he would survive it.
He had done it before and could do it again."

A Royal Promise, book 2 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White


Some stories never end. Some stories change. And others can take you by surprise.

#Mpreg #TheRoyalSeries #lgbtq #indieauthor #mmromance #supernatural #authorsofig


Source: http://smarturl.it/ARoyalPromise

Facts About Me: Pen-to-Paper

I'm not a writer. Not in the sense of “pick up pen, put to paper”. I've probably mentioned before that I've got nerve damage in my hands? That makes writing, physically, pretty hard for me. Holding a pen for more than note taking, aka a shopping list of bullet points, can be painful or cause tingling, like when your hand falls asleep. So, I have to avoid doing that as much as possible.

Yet, I can't resist a good notebook. I keep one by my bed for notes that bug me in the middle of the night. One in my bag, for lists, to do reminders, and stuff that's likely to be important but which I've forgotten about ten minutes later. That kind of thing.

But...give me a laptop and you can't stop me!

It sounds ridiculous, I know. But, check my laptop and you'll see I'm right. I have a searchable spreadsheet of all the DVD's we own. No lie. My memory is terrible, so I spent time organising, listing, placing, and writing up the spreadsheet so that if I'm looking for a specific movie or TV show that we have, I can just search for it and find out, at a glance, if we have it. I have a searchable inventory of my bedroom. DON'T LAUGH!

I'm forever losing things, and I actually have cognitive issues as an after-effect of my chemo treatment years ago. So, legitimately, I have memory issues, and I find that lists and documents really help. Especially since I can copy/paste, move things around, reorganise, and search them. You'd be amazed at what you'd find on my laptop.

I have documents for my bucket list, for my medical information. I have a spreadsheet with a list of every book I own, whether paperback or e-book, with the title, series, page number all listed. I also have folders to help organise some of those files, like to collect all my Instagram notes into one place, folders for FB, Twitter, BookLikes – I use these folders to collect things over time, then use them to schedule my pages at the start of each month. As an author, I also have spreadsheets for character names, potential titles, a list of dates for when I finished books, a list of blurbs for WIP's, taglines for published books, and a folder of publishing related documents.

I have documents and folders for everything under the sun. It's how I function. By keeping lists. I even have my Kindle folder divided into Netgalley, Divine, TBR, and then by genre.

It's obsessive, but I couldn't have it any other way. Some people write lists on paper or in notebooks. I keep documents and folders. While I love the joy of scribbling or scratching out a completed task from a list, I'm also a bit of a hoarder. I can't throw anything away and having a laptop allows me to do that. I can keep 15 versions of a document on my hard drive without clogging up my laptop, while making sure I don't lose that information, in case I ever need it again. Who knows when a stray idea might come in handy?


Teaser Tuesday: The Bright Side Brigade


The Bright Side Brigade

Coming: February 1st, 2019


In a zero tolerance school, the only weapons are hope, friendship, and love.

#anthology #YA #indieauthor #contemporary #lgbt #authorsofig