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Elaine White is the author of multi-genre MM romance, celebrating 'love is love' and offering diversity in both genre and character within her stories.

Growing up in a small town and fighting cancer in her early teens taught her that life is short and dreams should be pursued. She lives vicariously through her independent, and often hellion characters, exploring all possibilities within the romantic universe.

The Winner of two Watty Awards – Collector's Dream (An Unpredictable Life) and Hidden Gem (Faithfully) – and an Honourable Mention in 2016's Rainbow Awards (A Royal Craving) Elaine is a self-professed geek, reading addict, and a romantic at heart.


The Reviewer


I’m an author and reader, who just can’t get away from books. I discovered the MM genre a few years ago and became addicted.

Top #50 UK reviewer on Goodreads
#1 reviewer on Divine Magazine

Teaser Tuesday: The Reunion


The Reunion, book 5 in the Decadent Series, by Elaine White


This reunion could be one to remember...for the wrong reasons.

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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley
The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

TBR for Netgalley:


The Hunting Party is the author’s first crime novel and is described as combining elements of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (HarperCollins) and The Secret History (Penguin) by Donna Tartt.

The novel follows a a tight-knit group of Oxford university alumni as they celebrate New Year’s Eve in the wilderness of the Loch Corrin Estate in Scotland. A HarperFiction spokesperson said: “In these wild, white climes the group reminisce, go deer stalking, and hide friendship-destroying secrets, secrets that set a razor-sharp sequence of events in motion, culminating with a broken body in the snow.”

"“You're pressing too hard,” Bradley said in a low voice, from behind him.
Rory looked over his shoulder and was shocked to see him so close that, if he'd had the courage, he could have kissed him. “What?” he asked, not able to think clearly enough to remember what he'd said. Bradley was too close, smelled too good and his lips were just a little too far out of reach.
Unable to control his thoughts or his centre of gravity, he found himself drifting towards Bradley before he could stop it. Those lips curved into a smile, as two hands caught his waist and straightened his stance.
“Careful there, cupcake. You might headbutt your painting,” he mocked, shocking Rory back to reality with that unwanted wake up call."

Never Let Me Go, by Elaine White

Facts About Me: All Time Favourite Reads

MM has become my favourite genre in recent years. I happen to read it more than MF fiction, but I started with MF fiction, so this edition is all about the MF favourites that kickstarted my love of reading.





Awakened By Blood, Marie Treanor

No. of Books: 3

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance





Dark/Carpathian, Christine Feehan

No. of Books: 29

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance





Cornelius Quaint Chronicles, Darren Craske

No. of Books: 5

Genre: Historical, Crime, Mystery





Amelia Peabody, author

No. of Books: 19

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Crime





Ramses, the Damned, Anne Rice

No. of Books: 2

Genre: Historical, Paranormal





The Colorado Kid, Stephen King

Genre: Historical, Crime, Mystery





Tremontaine, Ellen Kushner

No. of Seasons: 3

Genre: Historical, Steampunk-ish, Mystery, Family-Saga





The Caster Chronicles, Kami Garcia

No. of Books: 4

Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age, Paranormal





Elders and Welders Chronicles, Margaret Foxe

No. of Books: 3

Genre: Historical, Steampunk, Mystery





Chadash Chronicles, David G. Johnson

No. of Books: 4

Genre: Historical, Alt. World, Magic





Vinyl Tiger, Dave Di Vito

Genre: Contemporary, Saga, Autobiographical





Mythos Christos, Edwin Herbert

No. of Books: 1 (so far)

Genre: Historical/Contemporary, Split-Time, Mystery, Adventure





The Devil's Prayer, Luke Gracias

Genre: Historical/Contemporary, Mystery, Split-Time



Teaser Tuesday: Clef Notes


Clef Notes, an anthology of shorts, by Elaine White


There are two sides to every story.

#ClefNotes #lgbtq #indieauthor #mmromance #authorsofig





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Only You by Kay Doherty
Only You by Kay Doherty

Case Holden hates his life. Made rich at a young age, he slipped into a lifestyle of partying with multiple boyfriends who only wanted to be with him for what he could give them. After confiding to his aunt that he’s miserable, she extends an invitation for a visit. Case plans to spend the time in small town Clover City to reprioritize and plant his feet on the road to happiness. He does not expect the Clover City sheriff to step into his world and wreak havoc on his emotions.

Two years ago, after the death of his partner, Rawley Kane moved to Clover City, trading the painful memories and big city madness for a less stressful existence. Even as sheriff, his life is uncomplicated and quiet. That is until Case Holden rolls into town and reminds Rawley just how lonely he is, and of everything he’s been missing.

Case is everything Rawley shouldn’t want. The man has six boyfriends and a life back in Denver, not to mention he’s quite a bit younger than Rawley. No matter what he tells himself, he can’t get enough of the young man. And Case has made it clear Rawley is the only one he wants. Now if they could just get past Rawley’s guilt and Case’s insistent boyfriends, they just might stand a chance.






Book – Only You
Author – Kay Doherty
Star rating - ★★★★★
No. of Pages – 141
Cover – Nice!
POV – 3rd person, dual character
Would I read it again – Yes!
Genre – LGBT, Contemporary, MM, Romance


WARNINGS: deals with issues of mental health and PTSD

The acknowledgments highlight an early warning that this book deals with the invisible illness that is PTSD. As someone with an invisible illness, though not PTSD or a mental health issue, the acknowledgment speaks to me in a way that promises to handle these issues with gentle awareness, compassion, understanding and, most of all, an intimate awareness of how debilitating and all consuming an invisible illness can be. That is before taking into consideration outside influences, such as other people's impressions and their treatment of those invisible illnesses, which can often be as debilitating and harmful as the PTSD itself.


Holy cow! That was an emotional rollercoaster and a half!

This is a new-to-me author and I'll definitely be giving Kay Doherty another go in the future. The writing was spot on, exactly my kind of writing style, and with exactly my kind of balance between description and dialogue.

With great attention to detail – well balanced, not over-done or exaggerated – the story began with a great set up of mood, location, atmosphere and characterisation, beginning the story with our all important introduction to Casey, on the day all his luck has run out. I loved that we were immediately in his head space and aware of his issues, without it being an info-dump. Then, when the POV switched to Rawley, I was thrilled. Dual POV is my favourite, especially when one of the MC's is a broody, grumpy sheriff!

Both these MC's have a past and a history that has left deep emotional scars, but they work so well together. I could feel the chemistry between them the minute they met, and that carried on throughout the story, growing and becoming solid. Saying that, however, I really loved how realistic they both were. Rawley and Casey accepted that they barely knew each other, that their feelings were based on lust and a physical attraction, and some deep seated need to be loved. It didn't stop them from being together, but I always knew they were going in with their eyes wide open. Each of them, at some point, considered the challenges and consequences – Casey's numerous boyfriends, Rawley's past, their age difference, how little time they'd known each other, Rawley being closeted in town, even the consideration that Casey might leave and go back to his numerous boyfriends. Though they often got swept up in the romance and the lust, neither of them ever forgot the bigger picture and that's rare to find in a romance novel.

What I also loved – but can't say too much about, because it would be a huge spoiler – is that even the MC's have to face the consequences of their actions. I'm talking about the end of the book, which is why that's all I'm going to say about it. It's great to see it happening, because it's real and logical and, sure, it may not be romantic, but the author sure made it feel right for the characters and the moment. And, in a way, it really was quite romantic, all for reasons I can't explain.

Were there any negatives? There were some minor editing issues, with a missing word in one or two places, but surprisingly very little for an early release/ARC copy. I did find that some of the early chapters had a flow/timeline issue that just didn't have the seamlessness of the rest of the novel, but those are all minor things and really didn't make an impact on my reading.

Overall, it was a fantastic read. It really lifted my mood with the perfect ending, despite the rollercoaster I'd had throughout. I loved everyone! Jordan was over the top. Trent was adorable. Aunt Sylvia was amazing! Jake and Ryan were brilliant. Ted is awesome! Everyone is awesome!!! In fact, I would absolutely love to read more about this little community, especially if Ted or Trent were to have a story of their own. Please????

In the end, I can only say that it was pretty perfect. From the chemistry, the characterisation, the plot, and the writing style, it all came together in a great book that dealt sympathetically with some very serious issues. It's a story of self-discovery, of healing, of emotional torment, of self-acceptance, of recovery, and of the realities of PTSD. But it's also a story about growth, love, change, and letting go of the things that hold a person back and stop them from moving on.


Favourite Quote

“The way his aunt was talking, Case had to wonder just how well she was acquainted with the sheriff. Uncle Ed had been dead for five years, but Aunt Sylvia was still fairly young and lively. If Case found out he was salivating over his aunt's newest, much younger love interest, he was going to dig his eyes out of his skull.”

““You don't stop loving someone just because they die, Rawley. You loved him then, you love him now, you will continue to love him for the rest of your life.”

"the one fact of his own life was that he was a coward. When it came to relationships, he always took the back seat. He let the other person drive in every aspect from how often they saw each other, to where they went on dates, to all the interior design options in whatever apartment the other person decided they should live in. And he never made the first move. He never stood up and spoke up about what he wanted or where he wanted it or when. Or how. Or why.
Oliver was the only exception. Ever. Until now.
Because he was still being a coward. He had been a damned coward for the last six months."


Part of the 'All You Need is Love' anthology, by Elaine White

Source: http://smarturl.it/Encompass.AllYouNeed

Facts About Me: Cancer

You know those cancer memes that people share? The ones that are all “only X-amount of people will share this and I know who they are. Only the ones who care will repost/share”? Yeah, those ones. I HATE them. With a passion.

I have unfriended and even blocked people for this. I HAD cancer myself, and have lost 4 family members, and 3 of my mother's best friends to it, so anyone who sends that rot my way is getting blackballed so hard! No PM's, no tag's, no posting to my profile. If I see it, it's the last time they see me on FB! I lay it out for all of them, no matter how close we are - instead of posting this crap that no one wants to see, go and DONATE to an actual cancer charity, give blood, hold a fundraiser, ask for donations, hold a coffee morning. DO something that will actually help!

And, in case you didn't notice...I'm passionate. Ranty, some might say ;) But, when I believe in something and when I want to fight for something, I go all out. I don't believe in half-assing anything that you really care about.


Teaser Tuesday: The Cellist


The Cellist, by Elaine White


One performance can change everything.

#PolyRomance #lgbtq #indieauthor #mmromance #authorsofig





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The Night She Died by Jenny Blackhurst
The Night She Died by Jenny Blackhurst

TBR for Netgalley:


The bone-chilling new novel from Jenny Blackhurst, the #1 eBook-bestselling author of HOW I LOST YOU, BEFORE I LET YOU IN and THE FOSTER CHILD. If you love dark, twisty thrillers, you'll love THE NIGHT SHE DIED.

On her own wedding night, beautiful and complicated Evie White leaps off a cliff to her death.

What drove her to commit this terrible act? It's left to her best friend and her husband to unravel the sinister mystery.

Following a twisted trail of clues leading to Evie's darkest secrets, they begin to realize they never knew the real Evie at all.

"The moment Innes saw Arash in the throng of bodies, his arm around the neck of a taller, Adonis like figure, panic ensued.
He didn't know whether to turn and run, to pretend he'd never been here to see that. Or wait and give Arash the benefit of the doubt. His heart said that his boyfriend still cared for him, because he'd said so a million times during his phone calls. But the civilian madly in love with an army brat told him that he was an idiot. He was sixteen and Arash was eighteen; why would his beautiful Iranian God stay faithful to him when there was a Greek God under his arm? And probably in his barracks.
Then a voice behind him called a name; “Vincent!”
The group all turned, before Innes could make up his mind. And he knew. The second Arash's eyes fell on him, that smile faded and he removed his arm from the Greek God. As Innes' heart pounded and his legs froze to the platform floor, Arash dropped his bags and power-walked his way towards him. They crashed into each other, chest to chest, and he didn't have time to take a breath before a mouth crushed to his.
Innes knew in that moment that he was lost."

Forged in Fire, by Elaine White

Source: http://smarturl.it/Forged.in.Fire

Facts About Me: Regrets

My amazing FB-friend Ben asked on his page once; what is it that you wished you HAD done that you didn't? What do you regret NOT doing?

The question was an amazing moment of self-discovery for me. It made me think about things that I hadn't thought about of a while.

Me? I wish I'd been more outgoing. I've always been an introvert, despite everyone claiming I was the glue that held my group of friends together all throughout school. I never knew that was who I was, that they thought *I* was the confident, crazy, unpredictable one. I wish I'd known that was who I used to be, so that I could have enjoyed it and properly experienced it, instead of always wishing I was the other person in our group - the one with all the attention and the boyfriends, the good looks, the popularity. I wish I had been more confident in myself and hadn't been so scared to let myself be the centre of attention. I was about 25 before I really looked at myself and turned into who I am, the one who can say "I have zero f*cks to give for what anyone thinks about me", "I am who I am and I love me". I wish I could have been that person before the cancer, before I lost my mobility and my social life. Now, I make the best of what I've got in case I lose it, and I am better for the change, but I'd still like to not be so afraid of putting myself out there and saying "here I am!"


Teaser Tuesday: The Bright Side Brigade


The Bright Side Brigade

Coming: February 1st, 2019

In a zero tolerance school, the only weapons are hope, friendship, and love.

#anthology #YA #indieauthor #contemporary #lgbt #authorsofig





Anne Rice - Ramses the Damned #1: The Mummy
Anne Rice - Ramses the Damned #1: The Mummy

Ramses the Great has reawakened in opulent Edwardian London. Having drunk the elixir of life, he is now Ramses the Damned, doomed forever to wander the earth, desperate to quell hungers that can never be satisfied. He becomes the close companion of a voluptuous heiress, Julie Stratford, but his cursed past again propels him toward disaster. He is tormented by searing memories of his last reawakening, at the behest of Cleopatra, his beloved queen of Egypt. And his intense longing for her, undiminished over the centuries, will force him to commit an act that will place everyone around him in the gravest danger.






This is one of those books, and authors, I've been meaning to read forever but have just never gotten round to until now. I read the comic version of this just before Christmas and loved it, so thought I'd go the whole hog and read the novel. It was even better.

The multiple POV is both necessary and well handled, never done just for the sake of repeating an event in someone else's view. The writing style is spot on, with atmosphere, characterisation and detail that is perfectly balanced by depth, heart and warmth. The comic did an excellent job of pinpointing all the important events, without leaving out anything vital.

"“So, are you busy now?” he admitted, hoping to get it over and done with. “I can pay you. I mean, I appreciate you taking the time to do it, but I'd like a steady tutor.” Rock watched a look of faint surprise pass over Liam's face, before it transformed into a smile.
“I don't need money.”
“So what do you want?” he asked, well aware of an unspoken 'but' in that sentence.
Rock blinked a few times, before realising that he hadn't imagined it. Liam wasn't just taking the opportunity to flirt with him, while he was there. “Sorry?” He needed an explanation to that. He had no idea what he was hinting at.
“I'm happy to help you today, because you're just utterly gorgeous. For a regular tutor, and my time, I'll need something more,” Liam explained, with a hopeful smile. “I want you to give me a chance to change your mind. Make an effort to get to know me, try to see beyond my orientation, see me as more than a friend and I'll do anything you need me to do.”"

The Trade, by Elaine White

Source: http://smarturl.it/TheTrade

Facts About Me: Writing Habits

I've had a lot of people tell me, over the years, that my writing schedule is unrealistic. They give a lot of reasons, but I know what works for me and what doesn't. So, here's a list of my do's and don't's for myself:



  • write for as long as I have the inspiration
  • make time for writing, when I'm in the mood, rather than watching the TV
  • make a cover before I start writing
  • have my start, at the least, planned out



  • write if I'm not feeling it
  • force a story when it's not working
  • plan the story from A-B, every inch, before I start writing
  • let distractions get in the way - no music, TV, background noise


I'm not a planner, at all. I'm a pantser and it works for me. I've written an entire book in 8 days, I've written a book in one month, and I've got some stories that have been works in progress for years. It's all a matter of having the time to get it done, being uninterrupted, and having the inspiration to get from start to finish.

So often, I've had the amazing flow of inspiration to write a book, but I've had to put it aside to meet other deadlines. Or, while writing a book that I'm 100% into, I'll get the inspiration for another book, which totally takes my mind away, distracting me. And that's all it takes to get a book from partway done to sitting untouched for months on end.

There have been times where I've written a book so quickly - in a matter of days or weeks - and I get to the halfway point, when I suddenly burn out. I lack the inspiration to keep going, I know the ending perfectly (which ruins the flow, for me) or I have another deadline interrupt, and suddenly I have a half completed book that gets abandoned and left for months, maybe even years, without being completed.


Here are a couple of in-the-works projects:



You may notice that some of these books are part of a series. That's my curse: I often get 1 or 2 books in a series flooded out of me, but then I get distracted, redirected, or busy, and it all comes crashing down.


Either way, I love being able to take my time with a story, to get it right and to work on the story until I'm happy with it. It's why I don't work to a deadline, word count limit, or give myself time limits. I like my story to speak for itself. To tell me how it's going to work, and when it's going to end.