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I love reading, and as a writer I like to broaden my scope by reading outside of my comfort zone, so that I can learn more about my craft.

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Baron of Blood: 1 (Dawning Era Series)
C. N. Faust
All Our Foolish Schemes: The Creepers Saga Book 2
Raymond Esposito
Fright Radio
Noel Dandes
A Dark Heart (The Elders and Welders Chronicles)
Margaret Foxe
Prince of Hearts: The Elders and Welders Chronicles Bk. 1
Margaret Foxe
Young Love Murder (Young Assassins 1)
April Brookshire
Before the Full Moon Rises: 1 (Chronicles of the Secret Prince)
MJ Bell
Once Upon a Darker Time
M.J. Bell
Guardian of Souls
Lee Appleby
In the Beginning
Abby L. Vandiver

Ride with the Alliance, they're all that will protect you.

Ride with the Alliance, they're all that will protect you.
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Demon in Steam-http://smarturl.it/DemonInSteam
Nightmare in Steam-http://smarturl.it/NightmareInSteam
Bite of Silver - http://smarturl.itBiteofSilver


Divided Heart:
Queens of Kings Book 2
She broke his heart…to rebuild his soul.
Heart of the Matter: Queens of Kings Book 1


The Enforcer Series
18+ A little pain never hurt anyone.
Book 1- Breathe Into Me
Book 2- Watch me Burn


Decadent Series
Ignorance is bliss…the truth is terrifying.
Book 1- http://smarturl.it/Decadent
Book 2- http://smarturl.it/The.Other.Side


The Consumed Series
18+ "When passion sets your soul on fire."
Book one: http://smarturl.it/ConsumedBook1
Book two: http://smarturl.it/CaptiveBook2
Book three: http://smarturl.it/CraveBook3


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Her taste was addictive.


The Seduced Series
18+ Who know falling in love could be so dangerous?
Book 1: http://smarturl.it/RightNow1
Book 2: http://smarturl.it/AllTheRightReasons.2
Book 3: http://smarturl.it/HappilyNeverAfter3
Book 4: http://smarturl.it/NothingLastsForever4


The Ex File
Second Chances Can Be Lethal


Shyla Colt
After the Burn Book 1: From the Ashes
18+ The apocalypse waits for no one! Run, Hide, Survive …


Shyla Colt
Up In Flames
18+ Love is a language without words...


G. E. Stills
18+ Things can’t get worse. Can they? They can.


The Demon Feeds
Compassion is a strange emotion for a demon to have.