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The Guardians Crown (The Guardians #5)

The Guardians Crown (The Guardians #5) - Wendy Owens ** I WAS GIVEN THESE BOOKS BY THE PUBLISHER, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW **

Book – The Guardian's Crown: The Guardians Book 5
Author – Wendy Owens
Star rating - ★★★★★
Would I read it again – Yes, definitely
Plot – well explored, nicely put together, easy to follow
Characters – exciting, funny, intriguing
Movie Potential - ★★★★★
Ease of reading – Very easy.

Oh. My. God! I knew this book was going to be the best by far because it wrapped everything up, but seriously? There are so many things about this that are amazingly good that I don't even know where to start.

I suppose the best place would be our fight sight of Damon. Really! And Sophie? Gosh, that girl can't keep a crush long enough to tell people about it before she's moving onto someone new. But the whole storyline with Sophie, is by far her best storyline so far. It was shocking but a devastating little twist.

The storyline with the Guardian's Crown was something that I had an incline about. The way that it was mentioned in the previous book did give me an idea about what the Guardian's Crown really was. But the way they found out was especially well done, particularly when it led to the revelation that it did. As usual with this series, I don't want to reveal spoilers so there isn't much I can say without revealing half the story or all the good points. It's also hard to give good quotes without exposing the story, so I also won't be marking any on the series until this book is released.

The strange thing I find about this book, unlike the others, is that although a lot happens, it does sort of feel with this one that it's a bit more jumpy than usual during the first half. And there's also some stagnant parts that are good but seem to slow the story down a little compared to the other books, again in the first half. But I guess that's how the story is supposed to go and it did feel that way, it just made it a little bit...different...to read than the others. That does not, however take away any of the magnificence of this book and the series as a whole.

There are, however, quite a few issues I have with my ARC copy. There are quite a few spelling/punctuation mistakes and near the middle it suddenly switches quite regularly from present tense (has, asks, says) to past tense, like the other books (had, asked, said). It made it a bit confusing to read. In the other books the only present tense were thoughts from the characters, now it's hard to tell what are thoughts and what is the story.

These niggles had me pondering, during the first half of the book, whether to give this one a 3 or 4 star rating, because of the confusion it created. But yet again, the story and plot and characters rose to the top, above all of it, and made it a top notch, made-me-cry, can't-put-down, not even to eat, sleep or drink kind of 5 star book. Because despite everything that niggled at me, this book grabbed my by the collar, took my heart out and didn't give it back until the last page had been turned. And I just can't give any book that does that, no matter its fault, anything less than 5 stars.

Wendy Owens did it again with this one. I can't tell how many times I cried through reading this series but believe me, it was a lot. The last 30% of this book really had my heartstrings in a lock down and there was no letting go until the end. These are definitely books to keep and love and read over and over again in the future. Books that warm the heart and touch the soul and reaffirm a belief in something. Whether you read his series and come out feeling more confident of yourself, or your work or your gut feelings, whether you come out feeling closer to God and more confident in your Faith, whatever happens, you will come out of reading these books a changed person. The difference with these books to others I've read, is that even though there is a happy ending, not everything is tied up in a big red bow, working out for the best. The book ends with the knowledge that there is a struggle ahead, but now they have hope. And if hope is all you have, you're already half way there.