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I love reading, and as a writer I like to broaden my scope by reading outside of my comfort zone, so that I can learn more about my craft.

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All Booked Up (A Basil and Hortense Killingsley Mystery)

All Booked Up (A Basil and Hortense Killingsley Mystery) - Terrie Curran I really enjoyed this. It's my first venture into a Terrie Curran story and I loved it.

I love Basil and Hortense Killingsley, I think they're a great couple, they work really well as characters and they're bright and keep the story moving forward. I loved Ceese as well, he's such a fun character and he brought a light heartedness to the story for when things got a bit heavy, or literary.

I struggled to keep a hold of the academic discussions going on, because this isn't my field, but it didn't ruin the story in any way. It was all very interesting and intriguing, something I might look into a bit more later.

The murder mystery part of the story was well written, well executed and traveled at a nice pace. There wasn't too much going on, too many murders or lots of stagnant scenes with nothing happening. Nearly everything had a bearing on the murders or solving them, even if I didn't realise it at the time.

I can't wait to read more from Basil and Hortense. And Terrie too.