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I love reading, and as a writer I like to broaden my scope by reading outside of my comfort zone, so that I can learn more about my craft.

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Prince of Hearts: The Elders and Welders Chronicles Bk. 1
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Young Love Murder (Young Assassins 1)
April Brookshire
Before the Full Moon Rises: 1 (Chronicles of the Secret Prince)
MJ Bell
Once Upon a Darker Time
M.J. Bell
Guardian of Souls
Lee Appleby
In the Beginning
Abby L. Vandiver

A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2)

A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) - George R.R. Martin Book 2 was just as good as Book 1. Possibly even better because the characters were already established and there was no having to get used to people or their ways. Book 2 took what was new and exciting about Book 1 and made it commonplace and acceptable. Which allowed Book 2 to go even further into what was new and shocking.

This series is, to me, about the shocks, excitement, adventure, WOW, OMG and WTF moments. Anything caught in between those moments are probably page numbers. Or full stops. In this story, they get int he way. You want to go from one word to the next with no stopping until the entire story is over. George RR Martin makes you wait...and wait...and wait for what is to come next. But it is good and it's worth it!