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I love reading, and as a writer I like to broaden my scope by reading outside of my comfort zone, so that I can learn more about my craft.

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Runaway Girl (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles, #1)

Runaway Girl (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles, #1) - Elaine  White *I am the author of Runaway Girl*

Runaway Girl is the first book in the Secrets of Avelina Chronicles. It centres on the character Damian, a vampire soldier, and his search for the missing vampire princess, Amelia. His past with Amelia, of both love and hate, send his emotions spiralling from wanting to find her, to wanting to kill her whenever she gets back. However, her soul was split years before, when sent into a human body. Damian must find the five human girls who have the potential of housing Amelia's soul fragments, and unite them in order to return the princess to her rightful place.

What complicates matters is the fact that Damian and Amelia are promised to one another. They are set to unite, in order to unite the three vampire clans for the first time in centuries. Without Damian, Amelia cannot rule, but with Amelia, Damian cannot take his place on the throne. And that is only if Amelia's brother Matthew, does not fight for his right to take his fathers place as leader of the vampire clan.

The more I read this book, the more I love it. The strength, the love, the determination of the characters and their stories...the interwoven friendships that stand the test of time. Overall, Runaway Girl is a novel about finding yourself, finding out who you are and what you feel, without letting anyone else influence you. It's about family and friendship and loyalty. Even if that loyalty asks you to give up something, or someone you love.